Paint Balling Missions, Aberystwyth

Paint Balling

With over 30 years of front line military experience Captain (retired) Colin Jones MBE, can promise you an exciting fun pact 2 - 4 hours of entertainment. The Mission includes basic training and team building activities, before you are deployed onto the battlefield for a blue force red force full engagement. The costs of the missions start from £15.00 per recruit; this includes all the clothing and equipment, Paint Ball guns and 100 paintballs.

Price List:

£15.00 - Basic Paintball Mission, 100 paintballs and all clothing and equipment.

£20.00 - Basic Training and Paintball Missions (Team building activities, static range & missions).

£25.00 - Basic Training, (Team building activities, static range, missions and bar meal). 

£35.00 - Great Escape, This event is ideal for Stag or Hen Parties and consists of a full days activities,                       paint balling, transport into town and a tour of the local pubs in Aberystwyth with a twist? 

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